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Delicatessen with premium truffles from Istria

The finest specialities in perfect combination with the best Istrian truffles will enchant you!

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The greatest culinary treasure of Istria meets the choicest ingredients

In the heart of the Croatian peninsula of Istria, they thrive with preference in the soils of oak forests.

Along the Mirna River around Motvun, they ripen almost undetected. Only the specially trained search dogs are able to sniff out their beguiling scent through the soil.

We are talking about the valuable tuberous plants that captivate gourmets and foodies all over the world.

schwarze Trüffel aus Istrien

Trüffel aus Istrien

Schwarz-Weißes Gold aus der Erde von Eichenwäldern
GENIUS tartufi

Premium Qualität

Trüffel kombiniert mit den besten Zutaten

We combine only the best ingredients in ourGENIUS Tartufi truffle products.

For culinary taste experiences like in top gastronomy.

GENIUS tartufi truffle products

“I guarantee the best quality available on the market through multiple selection and classification.”

Suwi Zlatic

Founder of Suwine and GENIUS tartufi

Selected by Gault&Millau:
GENIUS tartufi truffle chips

The best at the best of the best…

In 2022, Gault&Millau will spoil its gala guests with the exquisite truffle snack in the goodie bag.

Also available in our online shop for your private gala and your special guests.

Truffle species in Istria

The most prized and exquisite is the white truffle(Tuber magnatum pico).
Its ripening period is from September to January.
It has a very intense, pleasant and aromatic taste.

The black truffle (Tuber melanosporum vitt.), on the other hand, is available all year round.

The highest quality black truffle is the winter truffle (Tuber brumale Vitt.) and is also called the “king of the black truffles”. As the name suggests, it can be found from autumn onwards and in winter.

Genius Truffles advantages

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GENIUS tartufi gourmet boxes

Whether as a gift for gourmets or as a tasting.
The gourmet boxes contain everything that makes the truffle heart beat to heavenly heights.

Shipping within Austria is free of charge!

Truffles from Istria

Premium quality

from Istria

Top price / performance

Istria is a truffle stronghold and these precious mushrooms succeed best in the valley of the river Mirna.
We are especially proud of our GENIUS tartufi truffle products.
In it, the truffle is combined only with the best ingredients. This opens up endless possibilities for gourmets to the most diverse dishes.

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