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Name: Suvad Zlatic

Job titles: Diplom Sommelier, Sake Sommelier, Master Sommelier Advanced, Les Ambassadeurs du Champagne

Address: Ödweg 6, 6500 Landeck, Österreich

Telephone: +43 664 751 63 808




VAT: ATU71740823

Trade: Business consulting including the business organization acc. § 94 Z 74 GewO 1994, limited to advising tourism businesses in the area of wine selection, pricing, cellar management, menu design, employee training

GISA-Number: 30263475

authority acc. ECG (E-Commerce Law):
Landeck District Authority

Organization: Wirtschaftskammer Tirol


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Gourmet Play Store Landeck


Maisengasse 6, A-6500 Landeck

opening hours

Monday to Friday: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: closed

(Gift-) Pick-up is also possible outside of the opening hours by telephone agreement!


Suvad Zlatic
Ödweg 6, A-6500 Landeck
+43 664 751 63 808 /