Premium olive oils from Istria

The liquid, green gold from Istria in Croatia enjoys a worldwide reputation. Rightly so.
Loved by top international gastronomy, gourmets and connoisseurs!

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Istria stands for enjoyment in all its facets

Even the Romans appreciated the excellent quality of the olive oils from the climatically favorable Istrian peninsula.

In the area around Vodnjan in southern Istria , with sunny olive groves, red soil, dry stone walls and in a corridor of warm sea air that connects the east and west coasts of Istria, world-class olive oils are produced.

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Hier in Istrien wachsen die Oliven für unser GENIUS Olives Olivenöl.
GENIUS tartufi

Premium Qualität

Through innovative cultivation, gentle processing, single-variety olive groves and integrated agriculture.

We decided:
With a lot of dedication, love and precision, we want to offer our customers a different olive experience.
A GENIUS experience.

For culinary taste experiences like in top gastronomy.

Our olive oils and varieties


Istrian Bjelica

Istrian Grand Cru



Leccino has been cultivated in Istria since 1940 and comes from Italy, more precisely from the Tuscany region.

It is the most widespread olive variety in the world, thanks to its extreme adaptability to different conditions.

The variety ripens early (September – October) and is resistant to low temperatures.

Leccino gives an oil of exceptional quality, with a marked, fresh, fruity scent of olive fruits and a mild and sweet taste, without strong aroma.





The Buža olive variety is the most widespread autochthonous (native) variety in Istria.

Requiring warm and sheltered locations, it is best suited for cultivation in the warm areas of southern Istria.




Istrian Bjelica

The Istrian olive variety Bjelica is an autochthonous (native) variety grown in Istria and Kvarner.

It is also found in Italy and Slovenia and is characterized by a high content of polyphenols (more than 450 mg / kg) .

Bjelica is one of the most resistant varieties to low temperatures and storms.
It matures in mid to late November and has an excellent, abundant and regular fertility.




Istrian Grand Cru

This exceptional olive oil is a tribute to our best locations.

After their marriage, the Buza, Bijelica and Leccino varieties stage a real concert of pleasure on the palate.

Getting the best olive oil can be tricky.
However, it is even more difficult to forget the taste experience of our Grand Cru!




The climate as the cradle of quality

Many years of research have shown:

Olives that thrive in southern Istria , in areas with greater water scarcity and more sunny days per year, have higher levels of phenolic* compounds .

The result is a quality that is second to none.

*Polyphenols are aromatic compounds that are classified as secondary plant substances.
In the human organism, they have a health-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect. As so-called “antioxidants” they intercept free radicals and also ensure that blood fats are protected from oxidation.

A high polyphenol content also protects the olive oil itself from oxidation. They are also responsible for the typical “spiciness” of an olive oil. In the past, this “sharpness” was wrongly perceived as a negative feature. Today we know “more” and appreciate oils with a particularly high polyphenol content.

harvest and processing

Maturity. The timing as the non plus ultra.

The time of harvest or the degree of ripeness of the fruit largely determines the polyphenol content of the olive fruit.
And with it the quality and taste of the olive oil.

Even the ancient Romans knew:
The most valuable oil with a pleasant and fresh aroma of olive fruits was obtained at an early harvest. When the color of the fruit changed from green to green-yellow . They called this oil “ex albis ulivis” .

Therefore, we start harvesting at the end of September or beginning of October, when the olives are still green and have just started to ripen.

We harvest 100% by hand . This protects our still young olive trees .

The selection. Every detail counts!

Certain varieties have a higher percentage of polyphenols, such as Istrian Bjelica (more than 450 mg/kg) , which directly affects the oil quality.

The content of polyphenols is also increased in other oils of autochthonous Istrian olive varieties and ranges from 300 to 450 mg/kg.

The processing. The temperature makes the difference!

It is important that only mechanical methods in a cold environment are used during processing.

This means:

  • No heating above 27°C.
  • No refining.

Both are characteristic of the production of premium olive oils labeled “extra virgin” .


The process of olive processing takes place in several carefully executed steps.

First we clean and wash the fruit.
Then the dough is ground and mixed and the solid part is separated from the liquid part and the oil mixture is dissolved in the oil and water.

The ultimate goal of this process is to extract oil from the olive fruit.
The chemical composition must not change, as this is important for the quality of the oil and its biological and nutritional value.

We also pay special attention to mixing the dough.
Since a significant loss of polyphenols is possible here, this can ultimately affect the quality of the oil and its further protection against oxidation.


After processing, the oil is stored in the olive grove itself in a fresh and airy room at a constant temperature in stainless steel tanks (stainless steel).

The tanks are connected to nitrogen gas, which prevents the oil from coming into contact with oxygen.
In this way, the oxidation process is prevented and the valuable properties of the oil are preserved over the long term.

Pure healthy enjoyment

Whether drizzled puristically on fresh bread, over salads and vegetables.
Or as a very special seasoning for fresh fish and the best meat.

Olive oil of the highest quality is an exceptionally versatile treat .

Due to its (variety-specific) high content of polyphenols (antioxidant effect) and a favorable fatty acid composition , it also supports the maintenance of our health.

Therefore, high-quality premium olive oil is also part of a healthy and balanced diet!

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